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Subject: Farm Family 10All rights reserved by author. You must be of legal age to read or please
move on. Contains Male on Male unprotected sex. Do be safe at all times.
This is not a true story. nubile lollita nipple pics
Meet with the Author Kevin Kelly Second Sunday
of each month at " Uncle's" a Gay bar in Philadelphia, Pa. locust and
Comac sts. between 12th and 13th on Locust. 2 to 4 PM. Talk enjoy.
write just stop on by ask for Kev. Any resemblance to
any person living or dead is purely coincidental. We three entered the Hotel suite to find Dad Jed and Frank
lounging around in just briefs and looking hot. I couldn't hardly keep my
eyes off of each of their packages. Frank's was really showing the out
line of his big cock head He was cut from what He was showing. Kirk was
all kinds of nervous and trying to not stare which was impossible. I
loved how Dad's thick muscular legs were russian lol little girls covered in thick blonde hair.
I wanted to get right down to business of getting Kirk on the pay roll
and so asked Dad if I could see him alone in His room a young lol russian porn minute? I
followed Dad into his room and my eyes were on that nice bubble ass of
His the ass i had fucked in the barn and my cock was growing. Dad turned
and I looked down He was as hard as a rock and His 12 inches were tenting
out his thin white briefs. His cock head looked even bigger then when I
was sucking on it. He hopped up on the king size bed and was patting the
place next to him. I kicked off My boots and stripped off my clothes and
was then beside him in the bed holding his big exposed dick in my hand
and fondling his massive hairy balls. Dad had hold of my cock and now
guided us into a hot 69 position and we were sucking away at each others
cocks lost in the world of Our own.
Dad's finger was now [pushing into my hole as he was eating my
dick and I was so hot for him yet more then a little afraid of the seer
size of His manhood. I knew from the fucking I had taken last night
repeatedly from Eric and Kirk that my hole was loose and ready for His
Daddy cock to fuck. I was pleading with him now to fuck me. My handsome
all Male Man's man Dad was going to have incest with me.
While He was getting the KY from the end table i was down on
his bare feet now licking and eating his manly feet. all while Dad was
greasing up his 12 inch pole for me. he laid me on my back and mounted me
between my legs holding and then guiding his enormous prick head to my
small hole. He pushed al while smiling down at me freedom lolita ls dreams so lovingly and the
whole wide mushroom head of Daddy's prick came into my hole spreading it
and He was feeling the cum there from Kirk and Eric's cock fucking and He
shoved more and more cock into me like it would never stop coming so
thick so wide and so hard his dick was far up inside my love tunnel
further then any man ever was into my tight hole. I closed my eyes
enjoying the wonderful sensation as Dad's man meat was pushing in and out
of my all 12 inches in and out pulling then pushing my pussy boy ass lips
as his bare skinned dick fucked me. I held his hairy strong fore Arms as
his cock was pounding my pussy and Dad was telling me how much he loved
fucking my pussy boy hole with his bare cock. Now Dad was leisurely
fucking into me long strokes forward slow pulling back His cock head
ridge hitting my prostate and driving me crazy with lust for his bare
cock." magazine fashion free lolita So Kevin what was it yo wanted to ask? he said keeping up the long slow
wonderful fucking." I wanted to ask You to hire Kirk for Our accountant at the resort. He
could continue going to the College near Us while working for Us and I
know He'd be a valuable aide to Us. I managed to grunt out between
drawing breaths with each thrust of His big 12 inch cock.Dad plunged his whole cock up inside me and laid there planted inside my
boy pussy and he kissed me saying . " Your wish is granted Kevin. Over
brunch We'll ask Kirk and We'll work out the rules for the company. Now
Boy get ready for a hot fuck from Your Dad."Oh My God did He ever slam fuck me hard and fast pounding that monster 12
inch meat into my pussy the whole bed shook with each powerful slam of
his man hood deep up inside of my pussy. My whole body lifted with his as
he was slamming in and out of me. Every muscle in his hard body now got
tight as He was filling me with his sweet load of cum wetting all inside
of me with thick cum juice. his big hairy balls unloading into me. I came
down from my high and saw Frank standing there as Dad was pulling his
cock from me. I smiled he was naked and what a nice hairy freedom lolita ls dreams
hard body and a
hot thick cut cock all ready to fuck me. Frank said nothing as He was now
mounting me and fucking his cock up into my cum soaked pussy hole filling
me with his 9 inch Man dick. He blasted a big load of cum into me and I
was shooting my load all over myself. I got down and licked Frank's big
cock clean.
We three cleaned up and headed into the living room to find it
deserted?. We went to the other bed room and looked in. There was Jed on
top of Kirk fucking his ass with that monster 11 inch cock of his while
Eric was eating Jed's arm pits while He was slam fucking into Kirk's
tight bubble ass hole. Kirk was screaming in pure pleasure getting that
big Farm Boy dick of Jed's Over a big brunch at the hotel we offered Kirk
the position and the College cost and he accepted on the spot. He'd head
home later and get something's and then move on in with us for the
remainder of the trip. The other Kevin Kelly joined Us and around 1 PM we
headed on down to south philly to meet and size up. Frank for the
position as " Activities Director at the resort.
Dad sent Kirk myself and Jed to meet with the Advertising
agency. We had the out line of the campaign with Us for the meeting. Dad
was laying out more then half a million on the campaign and it was going
to make or break us. The Ad's would appear in most major cities.
We finished up with the agency and the Ads would start at weeks end. We
stopped and bought some forms and books for Kirk to begin his accounting
work then headed back to the hotel. A message on the phone told Us The
others would meet us at a gay bar called the Westbury at 6 PM. Jed
suggested we all shower and change? I joked with Kirk that that was Jed's
way of saying " let's have sex" Turns out my words were to our mutual
delight 100 percent true. We had a three way in the shower with Jed
fuckign that monster cock up in Kirk's willing pussy again and I fucked
him a nice big load of my own cum. then Jed was up for seconds and i
gladly spread my legs wide to take my big Brother's big cock in me. Then
Kirk was fucking me while Jed was sucking my cock in the shower while
seated on the tub floor between my legs. Again lolita japanese girl models I creamed a big load as i
was getting cock from both ends. We dressed casual and i was looking at
the two men who were now even more important in my life. Perfect Male
bodies with even better personalities for each of them and i was in love,
In love with no less then six men now?
Kirk was putting on a pair of thick black wool socks before
slipping his sex feet into his boots. I whispered for Him to get them all
nice and sweaty for me to eat that night. Kirk laughed and winked.
We walked into the Westbury and saw Dad Frank and Eric at tone end of the
bar in deep conversations with a man who could only have been Frank The
south Philly bar tender?Write with comments and ideas. No Flames are answered or
wanted. Give You age for legal reasons and a photo of the Author will be
read opening for instructions on meeting in person with the Author. Check
out my other stories in by going to authors and scrolling down
to Kevin. Please do support Nifty and keep this wonderful site going.
Kevin Kelly
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